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The Infant Care Center provides experienced staff who are trained to provide a nurturing environment of trust and sensitivity to each infant’s needs. The staff realize that each individual infant is a separate functioning being who needs specific care and guidance and who is allowed to develop at his/her own pace. The staff observe each infant daily. Infants have freedom to explore and interact with other infants through one-to-one play, small group activities, and have time for individual uninterrupted play.  Infants are on personal sleep and feeding schedules.

To help maintain the cleanliness of the room, our staff and parents wear foot booties to eliminate outside dirt and debris. We provide each child with a crib; clean sheet and blanket laundered daily, and a drawer for their personal items. Toys are sanitized as needed throughout the day as well as every evening.

Supplies provided by the parent include six to seven disposable diapers per day, along with any needed diaper cream or powder; a change of clothes; bottles filled with formula or mother’s milk labeled with the child’s first and last name and dated.

We give each child love and attention and provide parents with daily reports on feedings, diapering, and napping. Healthy growth and development is another top priority at Canyon Vista. All our caregivers obtain First Aid and CPR training along with many hours of State required education to help ensure your child’s well being.